Wednesday, June 11, 2008

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Friday, November 16, 2007

Windlight test : new second life viewer

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windlight test: secondlife first looks viewer

youtube film clip (much better res)

Some quick test on the first look viewer just out. Has LOTS of controls and setting sliders, including motion for clouds. Is whole new way to set what your view of SL is.

Not sure what plan is to allow content creators a way to manager user experience. Seems like a critical point otherwise people will either miss out on functionality or no one will be seeing same thing when they visit an area.

FYI, viewer is unstable enuff and seems to cut draw distance to 50-100m. I didn't find anywhere to set draw distance, but guess it is limited as the whole thing is slow as it is.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Greenies Grand Opening 02 August 1700 SLT

We had to push the Grand Opening 48 hours due to bad weather on the grid start of this week. All seems ok enough now.

We have lots of new things to explore. There will be a major new Greenies Scultpure made by Lightwaves which is no doubt -- THE GREATEST THING EVER REZZED! It will blow your mind! for more info!


Special Media access at 1200 SLT on 02 Aug. Please drop an IM inworld.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Getting Ready for Greenies Opening

verde sees Mr Right
Originally uploaded by verde.rays
Working away to get things sorted for the Greenies Opening on 31 July at 1500 SLT!

We will have the MOST AMAZING new sculpture. Is incredible sculptie prim piece. The few people who have seen this are stunned! Lightwaves is awesome.

Also will have a bunch of new places, pieces and of course kooky Greenie activities.

Special Press access at 1200 SLT on 31st.

Sim will be closed from 29th 0800 SLT.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Notes on Using Estate Tools and Groups for Dev this is a little complicated. Lindo Estate and Access tools are not intuitive but with a lot of patience actually seem to make some sense!

We need to keep the sims private so the development teams could put stuff together before we open the sims to the public. So the obvious thing to do is to limit access to the sim just to a group where all the developers are. Which of course is fine.

Now problem is if you need to let other people have access to sim to see the build in progress. If you put them into the same developer group they can accidently delete stuff. Which is no fun for no one.

Working with Estate Tools, Groups and Land is not so easy! But there is some logic to how it works...

We did not see any Lindo documents on this, maybe they are somewhere?? So after applying some heuristics we figure out a good enough solution to this:

* Using Estate Tools make a Visitor Group and give it access to the entire Estate. Note that if a sim is not open to the public that this does not automatically let anyone into a specific sim or parcel--you need to also open access at that level.

* Then invite guests to this Visitor Group and of course they need to accept.

* Then go to the sim/parcel you want to allow access and enter specific avatar names there. Note you can remove them from sim access without their getting any advice from system.

* For the developers, easiest to include them in the Visitor Group also and then make yet another group for them for Dev. Then go to the About Land tools and give that Dev Group access. Developers can now deed stuff to group without risk of Visitors knocking it all over, taking it away, wearing on their heads etc.

I supppose you could also use day passes for limited one-time access. But generally seems about same number of steps and most people are not using day passes so something to explain to them. In method above, you also get benefit of builing a Group of visitors that you can send note to once the sim is open.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

on AOL and San Diego

I always wanted to be a musician! Rai on baby!
My star at AOL Pointe.

I actually thinks San Diego is a really great place. The weather is always nice, good food especially mexican. It never seems to rain down there so all the cars look new and shiney. Great place to buy a used car. They have all kinds of old muscle cars for sale. The coast is fantastic as well dotted with gleaming white sailboats flaunting multi-colored sails. Lots of big, beautiful homes, golf courses etc. All the local people seem healthy and relaxed--ok some of them are medicated but they still look good.

But why turn SL into San Diego?

Seems to me (and what do I really know, so take this as it is) that in the brave new virtual world people seek the sunny saftey of San Diego because they are disoriented or scared. The new AOL area is perhaps a recent example of a safe place to explore SL. It is a very nice build, but not more adventorous than an average seaside amusement park.

But I think it is a bad trade-off to recreate the happy, main street USA stuff in SL. Although famillar, it misses the point of what SL can be and that is/should be more challenging. Certainly the vampires I met at AOL Pointe seemed to be interesting than the bland offerings at the AOL amphitheatre.

I think also that the big Brands are having a hard time figuring out what to do in SL. The AOL brand is a bit lost even on the internet, so figuring out the right message in SL is pretty tough. How can a big corporate do much more than serve up San Diego without taking the kinds of risks that they just can't take? Unfortunately these corporates are the ones who have the budgets to pay the Sheep, MOUs, RRRs. Is it really that only the residents can take the chances and push the limits.

San Diego or TJ? Usually an easy choice!

Motorati tries to open stuff up a little. They have the blah blah Pontiac dealership, but also a little ghetto for a game to drive-over zombies. They are letting people get involved with some direction on the area and maybe that is because Pontiac is only a sponsor and not the owner. They can tap the creative energy, but not get all dirty. Still seems a little compromised.

Tijuana is still more fun that San Diego!